08 March 2011

Currently on Tap @ Purvs Beer & More

Breaker Brewing Co. - Lunch pale ale on nitro
Youngs Double chocolate stout on nitro
Paulener Hefe
Fuller's London Porter...
Fegley's Brew Works- Rude Elf
Baltika # 7
Wyders- Pear Cider
Berwick Brewing - Bock
Dogfishhead-Chicory Stout
Unibrue - Trois Pistoles
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Ommegang-Abbey Ale
Purple Haze
Harpoon UFO White...
Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Dogfishhead Indian Brown Ale
Breaker Brewing I Love Pa
Gulden Draak Ale
Bull Frog Brewing Double Coffee Stout
Stone IPA
And yes....Miller Lite for the less adventurous.