08 January 2009

Currently on Tap @ Purv's Beer & More (for Growlers)

Draft handles
Merry Monk
Mad Elf
Delerium Tremmens
Ottos Slab Cabin IPA
One Guy Brewing. Hefe

Comming on Deck
One Guy Brewing Atomic Punk IPA
Dogfish Head 90 min IPA

Now avail @ Purv's Growlers
2 liters 2 styles metal handle & glass (glass handles 19.99 & metal handle 29.99) glass only. PriceFilled w/ Beer will vary on brew

Music The First friday of every month will be Akoostic & the last Sat of every month will be Luke & LizRonnie Pascoe will be every other thursday w/ a couple of weekends mixed in Also always new bomber btls & 6 packs In the Works Purv's House Beer

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