08 March 2011

Currently on Tap @ Purvs Beer & More

Breaker Brewing Co. - Lunch pale ale on nitro
Youngs Double chocolate stout on nitro
Paulener Hefe
Fuller's London Porter...
Fegley's Brew Works- Rude Elf
Baltika # 7
Wyders- Pear Cider
Berwick Brewing - Bock
Dogfishhead-Chicory Stout
Unibrue - Trois Pistoles
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Ommegang-Abbey Ale
Purple Haze
Harpoon UFO White...
Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat
Troegs Nugget Nectar
Dogfishhead Indian Brown Ale
Breaker Brewing I Love Pa
Gulden Draak Ale
Bull Frog Brewing Double Coffee Stout
Stone IPA
And yes....Miller Lite for the less adventurous.

26 May 2010

Purv's Beer & More - Update

I just spoke with Bryan and he gave me some updates on the expansion going on at Purv’s. As many of you know from my previous photos, Bryan has been expanding the building and parking at Purvs. Bryan tells me he has 18 drafts on now (with three being nitro) and when the bar is complete, he’ll have 30 different beers on tap.

Purvs will be running a half price happy hour special from 5-7PM with Half-Priced Craft beers so be sure to stop in and check it out for yourself. Bryan is sending the tap list so check back here for updates but here are just some of the beers he’s tapping now: Bullfrog Double Coffee, Fegley’s Insidious, Troegs Sunshine Pils, Troegs Dreamweaver, Dogfish Head 90-min IPA, Stella Artois, Franziskaner…

05 March 2010

New Beers as of 3/5 @ Purvs Beer & More

Bryan tells me they just received kegs of Breaker Brewing Co 16-Ton IPA and Bullfrog Edgar IPA --and Edgar is on tap NOW.

Bryan is also doing something new at Purvs; Clam night on Thursdays $4.00 a dozen

04 March 2010

Currently on Tap @ Purv's Beer & More

Allentown Brew Works, Hop Explosion, Epiphany,
Berwicks Brewing Atomic Punk IPA,
Breaker Brewings Old King Cole Stout,
Troegs Mad Elf We are currently blowing out the Mad Elf $3.00 for a pint.

03 March 2010

Purvs Beer & More To Expand To 30 Taps

First for all of this who have been asking, Bryan just sent in an update on Purv’s tap list and it is posted on the Purv’s Page. As an added bonus Bryan was nice enough to send along a photo of the expansion of the Purv’s Beer & More back bar. Bryan tells me when they are done the back bar will be capable of pouring 30-handles of beers (as you can see from the photo). Bryan also tells me they will be purchasing three vacant homes next door to Purvs and tearing them down for additional parking before the end of March. This is all very exciting news for Purvs and especially for local beer lovers so be sure to stop in and check out the renovations.

06 June 2009

New Beers as of 6/6 @ Purvs Beer & More

breaker brewings goldies blond ale on tapp @ Purv's on deck the Anthracite
also a very little bit of Founders breakfast stout
along w/ dogfish head 90min and Immort ale

08 January 2009

Purv's Beer & More now selling Growlers

I've heard from Bryan and he tells me that Purv's has now expanded their setup and they are selling various styles of growlers. This is good news, not only because of the great beer's Bryan manages to find, but also because Bryan is featuring some great local beers like One Guy Brewing and Otto's. Be sure to check out the current tap list on this page.

UPDATE: Bryan tells me he will fill other growlers as long as they are marked for size.

Currently on Tap @ Purv's Beer & More (for Growlers)

Draft handles
Merry Monk
Mad Elf
Delerium Tremmens
Ottos Slab Cabin IPA
One Guy Brewing. Hefe

Comming on Deck
One Guy Brewing Atomic Punk IPA
Dogfish Head 90 min IPA

Now avail @ Purv's Growlers
2 liters 2 styles metal handle & glass (glass handles 19.99 & metal handle 29.99) glass only. PriceFilled w/ Beer will vary on brew

Music The First friday of every month will be Akoostic & the last Sat of every month will be Luke & LizRonnie Pascoe will be every other thursday w/ a couple of weekends mixed in Also always new bomber btls & 6 packs In the Works Purv's House Beer

24 November 2008

New Beers as of 11/19 @ Purvs Beer & More

Founders breakfast stout
Cascazilla red ale
Shipyard punkin
Coming Soon on draft: One Guy Brewing Hefe

Music:Greg Berthoff - 26th
Ronnie P - 4th & 11th
And then every other Thurs.
Luke & Liz
Last Thurs. Of every month